Welcome to the Polar Bear Ski Club!  The Polar Bear Ski Club program is held after school. The Polar Bear Ski Club sponsors a weekend racing program for Alpine, Nordic and Biathlon skiers.  The races are both home and away at other venues.  The coaches will hand out the racing schedules when they are finalized.

Listed below are a few things to know as a parent of a ski-racing child:

  • There are three competing teams: Alpine, Nordic, and Biathlon.  A child may compete on more than one team.
  • Races are responsible for ALL their own equipment.  Coaches will give a more specific inventory of equipment needed in each discipline.
  • Racers are responsible for their own transportation both to and from practice and races.

A Polar Bear Ski Club family membership must be purchased for $125.00 by November 15th.   Any athlete who is not a member of the Polar Bear Ski Club may NOT participate in any practice (dry land or snow) for insurance purposes.

The membership fee is used to offset operational expenses such as: Insurance, wax and waxing equipment, radios, timing equipment, copies of race results, and numerous other expenses

A coaching fee is also required.  This fee is the aid in the salary fees of the coaches.  A child may compete in more than one discipline, but only one coaching fee is required. Coaches will attend all races.

The fees:

$45.00 for the first child

$40.00 for the second child

$100.00 maximum per family

**There is NO coaching Fee if your child signs up as a Polar Cub, only the $125.00 membership fee.

Polar Bear Ski Club Philosophy

The Polar Bear Ski Club program is designed with the long-term development of young athletes in mind.  In a team setting, we will provide the opportunity for competition and strive to achieve a healthy competitive spirit and the love for a lifetime sport.

Coaches Goals

Create great skiers by teaching strong fundamentals and technical skills in a fun and safe environment.

 Parent Responsibilities

ALL members and families are REQUIRED to help at races, fund raisers, activities and events.

Parents MUST help in some capacity:

  • Assist in putting on a home race (Alpine, Nordic, Biathlon), gate keeping, registration distributing and collecting bibs, timing, writing times, baking cookies
  •  Fundraising Events
  • ‡ Consignment sale in November
  • ‡ Snowflake Derby in February
  • ‡ Sale in June or July
  • ‡ Help with parades ( Christmas, Winter Carnival)

 Racer Responsibilities

1. Get sign sponsors for the Polar Bear sign board

2. Participate in annual ski-a-thon

3. Obey the rules of the mountain or course where training

4. Respect fellow racers and coaches

5. Represent the Polar Bear Ski Team in a respectful manner

6. Demonstrate sportsmanship at practice and competition

7. Participate in Parades

8. Alpine skiers MUST participate in 3/5 of council races

9. Nordic skiers MUST participate in ALL home races

10. Cubs MUST attend all scheduled practices

***If your child is interested in participating but you are concerned about the cost, please contact Erica Murray , Polar Bear Ski Club president.