Coat Information

Polar Bears don’t have an official team coat/uniform that we order. If you would like to buy a new coat our team colors are red, black and white similar to the one pictured. They can be found online or check with our local stores. Once you get the coat there is a facility in Whitesboro (information listed below) that has our logo on file. You can take the coat there to be embroidered on the back. Sometimes it helps if coats are taken as a group, so that he can embroider them all at once. If you know of anyone else getting a new coat and you want to coordinate drop off and pick up of coats at once that is helpful but not necessary.


Seasonal Sports Sales Inc., 215 Oriskany Boulevard, Whitesboro, 736-1622

Ask for Dennis or Ryan

There are some coats within the Club that someone might have outgrown, so you can always check with other members to see what sizes are out there.





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